Buffet menus

Group buffet menus 2018
Group size from 30 people

Group Buffet No. 1 20.00 €

Beetroot purée soup with croutons

Tomato mozzarella salad

Stuffed pork and bacon roll with plums

Chicken fillet in citrus sauce

Creamy mustard sauce

Herb potato

Vegetable rice

Banana and curd casserole with vanilla sauce


Jugged water

Bread/roll, butter



Group Buffet No. 2 22.00 €

Bell pepper and tomato soup with couscous

Tomato and lentil salad with avocado

Oven-baked salmon

Creamy spinach sauce

Pork chop in teriyaki marinade

Roasted beetroot cubes

Potato and pumpkin gratin with mushrooms

Boiled rice

Crème brûlée cake with caramelised almond crumbs


Jugged water

Bread/roll, butter