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Viljandi's most elegant building was constructed on 1938 and it was named Esimene Viljandi Esinduslokaal (the First Best Place of Viljandi), shortly EVE.
After major renovations the hotel was reopened in May 2002 and continues to provide you with the luxurious accommodation services only EVE can offer.
The four-star Grand Hotel Viljandi has 49 unique rooms designed in the art deco style, an à la carte restaurant for 50 people and a conference centre, sports facilities and a sauna complex.

Every detail of the Grand Hotel Viljandi is tastefully designed and there is plenty of classical grandeur and one can find effective contrasts and colours everywhere. It creates a unique atmosphere in the hotel.
EVE makes your stay in Viljandi a pleasant and memorable one.
See you in Viljandi!


Ore Grand Hotel Viljandi, Tartu 11 / Lossi 29 Viljandi, 71004, tel 043 55800, faks 043 55805,